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7 Reasons for Not Hillary (nor Trump) [Ted Rall]

October 7, 2016


This largely sums up my sentiment, although I disagree with the ending. Third party voters can and should be spoilers. That is our only power to avoid having our point of view being ignored. It may seem like a harsh negotiating tactic, but there’s no other option in a locked in 2-party system. The main parties make some concessions or risk getting spoilerized. If they don’t like being stuck with that choice, I remind readers that a more-than-2-party system would be better for everyone (apart from those who profit from locking voters into a binary choice).

If we had Proportional Representation and Ranked Choice Voting, there wouldn’t be any spoilers (AND the two main parties would have real competition, incentivizing them to work off their sclerotic ways, and we’d have better candidates and better elected politicians as a result).      Jill Stein 2016


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