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Syria ceasefire ends. Rebels to receive anti-aircraft weapons, expected to use them responsibly.

September 29, 2016

I don’t want to be alarmist- I’m sure US foreign policy is in good hands and the wizards at State would pause for much cautious consideration, before tacitly encouraging our esteemed regional allies to further arm rebels of questionable pedigree —

Oh who am I kidding. Foreign policy for the middle east is like a bad frat party drink from back when you were in kindergarden: 1 part clumsy, and 2 parts cheap booze. I’m talking like 3 liter plastic bottle cheap.

After the weekly renewal of the Kerry/Lavrov ceasefire did not happen this past week, there is a major ratcheting up of hostility between

US / anti-Assad-forces / esteemed-regional-allies
Russia / Syrian-government-forces / esteemed-regional-allies

The current ratcheting up involves supplying portable anti-aircraft weapons to rebels. Surely nothing bad can come of this.

Link [Russia Insider]
Note: The surgeon general recommends that neo-conservatives smoke a few cigarettes before clicking

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