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Clinton sells out progressives to try to win over GOP support? [Politico]

September 15, 2016

Republicans backing Hillary Clinton want … access, appointments and influence over a Clinton administration’s policies …

article entitled Clinton’s GOP supporters expect something in return [Politico]

Coming from the progressive perspective here. This is exactly why I was afraid that nominating Clinton was a no-win scenario for progressives. I mean besides the fact that she was the less electable candidate – on par with Trump in ability to repel voters, a stunning accomplishment. And in addition, also, to her flaws in substance as a candidate. (neo-con / militarist / interventionist, various integrity / owing-favors-to-mega-donor issues).

I have some sympathy for the “stop-trump-at-all-costs” school, but it does not justify going all in on the worst candidate your party has seen in living memory, and when her flaws are revealed, vigorously shouting down naysayers with reckless abandon comparable only to the post 9/11 pre-Iraq-war hysteria.

So again this message is to any media types out there. While it should have been obvious that if you wanted to “stop Trump”, you should’ve backed a better candidate, this isn’t just an I-told-you-so. Clinton can still quit if there is enough pressure. Otherwise, the only way forward is to basically stand aside and let the SS Clinton go down in flames, taking with it the corrupt embodiment of the Democratic party, including certain members of the press who will now suffer from diligently earned distrust. The hope is, something better will get rebuilt in their place. Or Clinton can still drop out.

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