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VA gov: Clinton expected to support TPP “after some changes”

July 28, 2016

Hmm, is she trying to alienate voters? What have we seen to try to rebuild confidence in the Clinton campaign?

(1) accuse critics of the DNC of treason

(2) bring out warmonger Leon Panetta to remind us of her pro-war stance

and now (3) lower our expectations in preparation to water down her claims of opposition to the TPP:

VA governor McAuliffe made some clarifications on behalf of Clinton. Rather than “opposed to the TPP”, we should expect “support the TPP after acceptable changes”

Given Clinton supported the TPP effort in its original form until discovering it is quite unpopular, I would expect whatever changes/concessions are made will be the minimum they can get away with and still get elected. Ugh.


[via NC]

–Update 20160728: apparently the DNC banned any anti-TPP signs, and all other homemade signs, which many Sanders delegates have been showing, as they are representing the progressive wing of the party and all. That makes it pretty clear where the party stands on the TPP. Why make the progressives feel like we’re unwelcome in the Democratic party? Beats me. Its not like Hillary is asking for our vote…

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  1. People close to the Hilldawg say she’s an open air market. Got the cash, she’ll bend over backwards to take it.

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