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Hillary + DNC vs Putin (aka Wikileaks + Trump + angry Bernie supporters)

July 28, 2016

In response to Wikileaks exposing the DNC’s collusion with the Clinton campaign, the Clinton campaign is trying to paint all of their critics as agents of Putin.

This includes:

  • Bernie supporters who now have proof that the Democratic primary was not conducted fairly (with DWS’s instant resignation as further confirmation)
  • Trump supporters who are no doubt enjoying this moment of chaos
  • Anyone who brings up any kind of hypocrisy in the Democratic party’s conduct
  • Anyone who questions the good faith of the Clinton campaign
  • Anyone who questions the honesty of the DNC’s media partners in the various under-the-table transactions that allowed Clinton to win the nomination
  • Anyone who questions the ethics of the pay-to-play action enjoyed by donors to the DNC fundraising machine. (And yes, the equivalent thing certainly exists on the Republican side and is equally despicable)
  • Anyone who reads Wikileaks and sees positive value, in bringing significant corruption and/or official wrongdoing to light — even if the sources are less than noble in their intent.

All of the above commie bastards have now been granted honorary Russian citizenship by the Clinton campaign.

At the risk of stating the obvious — this shows that the DNC and the Clinton campaign have no meaningful response whatsoever to the materials revealed by the leaks.

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