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GMO food labeling- a good thing

July 9, 2016


Label = consumer still gets to choose

No Label = It will take longer to get the information to have a choice. Years will go by and a generation of consumers will play the part of involuntary guinea-pigs before the wisdom of this decision will be proved good or bad. Eventually though it will be ok. A non-GMO certification body will have to form and regulate negative labels (that the product is free of GMO’s, or whatever new technologies whose side effects on both consumers and the food production ecosystem are unknowable due to lack of historical data).

No Negative Label allowed ? = sooner or later. some creeps lobbying congress will suggest legislation that forbids a voluntary negative-label… best to preempt this: We should positively affirm the benefits of consumers having as much information about controversial technology choices in their food (and other products) as they desire.

— Follow-up (20160711):


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