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Geopolitics (and Tech): Interesting document

June 22, 2016

“2018 Security Outlook”, published by Canadian agency CSIS, not to be confused with the prominent foreign policy think tank CSIS.

link:       [via Irrusionality]

There are sections on Russia, China, and WMD’s, all pretty straightforward, though the writing is pleasantly light and free of some nonsense found elsewhere.

But the two sections that contained novel ideas for me were:

* The section on the Middle east, with a thought provoking and view of the region in terms of Political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood as the organization representing its mainstream, and exploration of Egypt as the case study which highlights the author’s way of looking at the current century’s ME geopolitics. Recommended read.

* The section on IT / cyber security, a messy mishmash of paragraphs with great actual content… sign of a proper computer nerd. Most interesting within that section, filled to the brim with interesting avenues of possibilities to mull over, is the one thing that was completely left out – the approach of quantum computing and its implications to substantially all existing commercial encryption infrastructure. Perhaps it’s here already.



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