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51 US State Dept. officials’ open letter asking to bomb Syria

June 18, 2016

This one is for the record.

Apparently there is a serious group within the US State Dept. who wants really badly to directly attack the Syrian government, publishing an open letter to make their case. 

They are not satisfied with on-again off-again indirect US support for the motley crew of rebels (including AQ affiliates). They want direct bombing, just like in Libya. The obvious corollary and fairly clear subtext of their letter is they want Assad out, and are not concerned about unintended consequences.

Unlike most of the world, this group does not believe that taking military action in this situation would make things worse. Despite this being the unmistakable pattern in Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere.  Quote showing how little, actually how nothing, was learned is below:

7. (SBU) Third, putting additional constraints on the regime’s ability to bomb and shell both fighting forces and unambiguously civilian targets would have a direct, mitigating impact on the refugee and IDP crisis. This crisis has deeply affected Syria’s neighbors for years and is now impacting our European partners in farreaching ways that may ultimately jeopardize their very character as open, unified, and democratic societies. Even in the United States, the crisis in Syria has lent credence to prejudiced ideologies that we thought had been discredited years ago. Furthermore, the calm that would ensue after the regime’s warplanes are grounded would lessen the importance of armed actors, strengthen civil society throughout the country, and open the space for increased dialogue among communities. [Emphasis Added – 20160620 ~1030pm EDT/GMT-4]

Note that the Assad regime, for all its many flaws, was and is fighting against AQ and IS. This is a direct repeat of the delusions that lead up to Iraq and Libya. It is exactly parallel to the argument that Saddam is bad, therefore not-Saddam will be better. Qaddafi is bad, therefore not-Qaddafi will be better. Like, literally nothing has been learned in the past 15 years.

The Alternet article below further claims these dangerous warmongers are loyal to Sec. Clinton and represent her views.

Democratic voters, consider taking this as a final warning sign of what a Clinton presidency would deliver — meaning, that Clinton would likely lead the US into another repeat of Iraq/Libya.

link: [Alternet]

upstream link: [NYT]

copy of primary source: [NYT]

[via NC]


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    • Care to be more specific? [I am assuming by “you”, you mean me. I realize now that is not entirely clear, and you may have been referring to the article you linked.]

  1. These 51 signers are promoting themselves for positions in a Hillary Clinton / Victoria Nuland administration.

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