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Election Blog: It’s a 3-way Race Now

June 15, 2016

Summertime, so laying off the blog thing as much as possible.

From the media-watch department, an interesting development. It’s officially a 3-way race now [Bloomberg Poll]. [via both NakedCapitalism and RealClearPolitics].

I’m taking this as a positive sign for 2 reasons. First, official acknowledgment of a 3rd party! Perhaps motivated by fear of Trump, but that’s ok, it is just as Nostradamus predicted [see my second comment in link]. Second, it is more continuing confirmation of how badly voters reject the nauseating 2-item menu normally on offer. I mean Gary Johnson is already up at 13%, coming from absolutely nowhere. Personally I’m for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, and the natural person for Bernie supporters to vote for. Lets get her in those polls! Help Make it a 4 way race!

Also note my complete lack of surprise that a superior alternative to Clinton from the left is once again not being reported by those who claim to report things. I mean its not like Sanders didn’t do far better than any of Trump’s competitors, yet Johnson is in there and Stein is not. But that’s how it goes, the journos are gonna need a little help with this one.


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