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Orlando mass shooting

June 13, 2016

I don’t have much to say about this, another inexcusably vicious crime.

My deepest sympathies to all involved.

Since there seems to be some question about how to classify it I’ll just throw out my opinion on that. First and foremost, the operating assumption is that it’s a hate crime, which is the first thing one would think about any such attack on a gathering place used by a specific group distinct from the general population, whether the group be ethnic, national, religious, gay/lesbian, etc.

Is it terrorism? Meaning, was it done in the name of a more-or-less political cause? Maybe, we will see if we find out more about the shooter’s motivations. No point being up in arms about that distinction at this time.

My main problem with the terrorism label is that it adds more confusion than anything else. A mass murder is already as illegal a crime as you get. One directed at a specific group in a hate-crime kind of way, even more so.

What exactly are we going to get for turning up the “terrorist red alert” knob another click?

All I can expect is more spasms from the national security apparatus. No doubt these spasms originate with some kind of reasonable plan or analysis, but somewhere along the line they always seem to morph into yet another random bombing trip, in a third world country somewhere, making the problem worse.

Just let it be a hate crime and leave it at that. Oh and maybe make some kind of plan for the next decade to stop feeding the violent fanatics. Like try to refrain from giving their buddies weapons when it is convenient to do so.



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