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Zizek’s & Varoufakis’ ‘Dear Britain’ letters, in DiEM25’s spirit

June 7, 2016

Nice short essay by Zizek, good description of the dilemma faced by the current euro politics.

I’ve covered Y. Varoufakis’s position before (if I have it right, that a fragmented Europe would lack the power to carry out reforms even if the most progressive governments were elected – therefore keep EU as a single political bloc, and take on the problem of EU’s non-democratic nature at that level). I am not entirely convinced that this is the best approach, but I support this project anyway, they are aiming for the right thing.

Yanis Varoufakis

Zizek and Varoufakis in coversation about the future of Europe! November 16, 2015  Royal Festival Hall, London.jpg

A few weeks ago, The Guardian asked a number of authors to write an intimate letter to… Britain (Dear Britain,…) explaining why we want ‘her’ to stay in the EU. Here are two of those letters, written by two DiEM25 initiators: Slavoj Žižek and yours truly

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