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NY State Gov. Cuomo: “BDS more dangerous than terrorists”

June 6, 2016

I wonder if NYS has jurisdiction to evict the UN?

The governor, who visited Israel in 2014, said he personally saw miles of sophisticated tunnels dug by terrorists to transport weapons.

“This just shows the determination, the single-mindedness, that these are people who are bent on destroying Israel. That is their purpose,” he said, adding, “How can you have a disproportionate response when you are dealing with an enemy who is obsessed and single-minded? By definition you can’t be disproportionate.”

The governor said the campaign to cut economic ties to Israel is more dangerous than the traditional physical attacks that country has faced from terrorists.

“[A]s frightening as those tunnels are and as radical as the mindset and [obsessiveness] that built those tunnels, this BDS movement is in many ways more frightening,” he said. “Because what they’re saying is they are not making a physical attack — they want to make an economic attack. And it’s not just radicals that are willing to build tunnels. They are going to mainstream businesses across the world to generate a corporate, a corporate enemy for Israel, and we cannot allow that to happen, period.”




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