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Democrats are good, Republicans are Racist [The Atlantic]

May 10, 2016

Ok. I’m getting a little concerned. There’s a visible delivery, in several media outlets now, of the Don’t worry, people, Democrats will win because we’re not racist essay. Why would you push something like that so hard?

Article is actually entitled “The Democrats Are Built to Win”  [via NC]. But by the end of the first paragraph we are led to believe the Democratic party’s indispensability is primarily about the issue of race. (Contrary behavior by Democrats in the not-so-distant past is promptly washed away.)

It is very important to call out the Republican party on its tendency to turn a blind eye to obviously racist innuendo. However, there is a kind of with-us-or-against-us / TINA presentation here, that you either vote for us, or accept the great-evil-alternative. In politics, Whenever someone insists really hard that there is no alternative, it is almost universally a false dilemma.

There have always existed other non-racist options besides Democrats. The main reason they’re not viable is because the Democratic party, together with the Republican party, have worked hard to preserve our antiquated election structure to keep third parties out. The fact that this point is being delivered by Trump, who happens to say racist stuff, doesn’t make it false. He does not own this criticism. Nor does the Democratic party own “non-racism”.

There is an annoying implication to this article, that if you make any criticism of Democrats, you must be a racist. That is incredibly off-putting. This entire article gives me the feeling I sometimes get when I try to buy a car from a dealership, and within 5 minutes just turn around and walk out because it’s such a sleazy sales job.


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