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Indiana, last stop for Cruz. Reality time, Sir.

May 4, 2016

Election Results [NYT]

Republican party people, what is there to say? Somebody really screwed the pooch.

Yes, it is really happening.

The Donald is the last man standing.

You could see it earlier in the day with Politico articles letting loose on Cruz, and the Tea Party Senator from Texas finally letting some personality show in a pretty heavy rant .

You could even kind-of see it a few weeks ago, just from the fact that Kasich was running. The latter Republican primary states’ winner-take-all-ish rules made Kasich himself an obstacle for Cruz’s already strained chance at a tie or near-tie with Trump. Guess Trump did learn a thing or two about deal making.

. . .

                  So here we are.

Trump shall represent the Republican party.

Along with his pointed and quite valid criticisms of the establishment.

Along with his fairly standard Republican platform of lowering taxes for business, keeping up military spending. Oh yeah, and a wall.

Also along with … his totally indefensible comments loaded with racist innuendo, and the occasional bit of overt hate speech against Mexicans and Muslims, and probably half the world besides.

Along, as well, with his admittedly impressive media savvy.

And along with his over-the-line levels of disrespect, such as making a pretty loaded comment about Jeb’s wife for being Mexican, for instance.

What’s next, Trump the Nice Guy ™? Or will it be an epic pissing contest between Hillary and the Donald?

I’m presuming here that Hillary stays out of jail long enough to become the nominee, at which point the issue gets dropped. Although I’m happy to see Sanders is continuing to make a show of it. 6% lead in Indiana with 65% reporting. Go Bern! If we ever learn how to reform this crappy electoral system, the US and the entire world will owe you one.

What next for voters like me? Talk about that later this week, time now for rest.



In Heaven,

Or perhaps in Hades,

Hunter S. Thompson

is banging away at a typewriter

With a jumpy edge,

And a twisted smile,

Which the Devil can only envy.


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