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Global Realignment [Zbigniew Brzezinski]

May 2, 2016


In an April 17th article from the accomplished late-20th century US strategist, we get a big picture view of “the next 20 years”.


Global players: US, Russia, China, not Europe (despite being biggest economy)

The “5 verities”: (1) US hegemony not sustainable (2) Russia in the midst of transition from empire to first-class European state (3) China rising (4) Europe not likely to coalesce into a global power (5) Violent political awakening of Muslims, and various former colonial subjects in general.

Regional focus: Middle East — US staying can’t help, yet US can’t leave. (read: future events in the ME connect to all the other players, possibility of future US influence over them too tempting to give up)

US: Future depends on maintaining military superiority.

Russia: Future depends on integration with Europe, staving off chaos from Islamic lands.

China: Future depends on staving off chaos, avoiding war.

Special focus: Acknowledgment of colonial dirty deeds, and their repercussions.

Zero mention: R2P

And in other news… China looking to buy stake in RosNeft


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