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2016.04.26 election results

April 27, 2016

Another busy tuesday, with PA, MD, CT, DE, and RI.

Trump gets 55%+ of votes, and looks like he is getting ~100 pledged delegates as of now (1030pm ish). Note that 54 of PA’s Repub. delegates are unpledged per PA republican party rules. Kasich picks up another half dozen or so delegates, Cruz 0. So Team Stop-Trump looks like it managed to stop Cruz more than anything else. I am not happy to say, republican race is looking more or less like I called it in a crude calculation on March 17th, with Trump on pace to get approximately 1250 delegates, either clinching the nomination or narrowly missing (in which case I doubt his opponents could keep him out, barring some kind of public self-destruction by the Donald). With Kasich in the race, it looks like Cruz will be a distant second, instead of a close second.

More importantly, on the Democrat side. Clinton picked up another couple of 10-15% margin wins, making her path to the nomination pretty secure (again, barring unexpected massive public embarrassment). In case anyone is wondering, I think Sanders should stay in the race to the end – for the same reason I thought in the beginning he should run.



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