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The Brexit issue

April 24, 2016

I find the Brexit question fascinating. Just saw an interesting critique of Pres. Obama’s recent campaigning for the Remain camp.

While I have no business commenting on UK politics, it is a vivid manifestation of the issues that surround sovereignty, democracy, self-determination, and practical considerations of state power, and how there are difficult contradictions to work out here.

Personally, I would place a higher value on self-determination and the mutability of national and organizational boundaries. I believe both are as essential elements on par with democracy and the various protections we refer to as “human rights”. Adopting these principles would, in turn, would unearth difficult questions of property and especially land and natural resource ownership. Nevertheless, I think by pursuing the elevation of self-determination and mutability of national boundaries, it could be an avenue to possibly resolve the hurtful and unfortunate contradictions, between human rights and democracy/sovereignty (visible recently in both the failures of the R2P principle, and the refugee crisis in Europe from MENA).

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  1. Actually you are welcome to comment. You see we have free speech here. By comparison, have you ever seen the excitement when non-American’s speak about America’s gun homicide epidemic? In America there is no free speech.

    Go ahead. Say what you like.

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