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Clinton’s Reliably Bad Foreign Policy

April 19, 2016

In Saner Thought

In this election I have found NOTHING in the foreign polities of the candidates that would fill me with optimism…..none more so than the foreign policy of Hillary Clinton.

I read this article and found it speaks to truth…well as truthful as can be expected from a conservative site….

It is fair to say that Clinton can be expected to conduct a thoroughly conventional foreign policy that will satisfy many people in Washington. That doesn’t mean that her foreign policy will actually be “solid” or “dependable” except in the sense that we can rely on it to be reliably misguided. One of the more remarkable things about the 2016 election is the extent to which Clinton has been allowed to get away with having such a lousy record on foreign policy. This should be a much bigger problem for a former Secretary of State than it has been for her…

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