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So I went to that Donald Trump Chicago Rally..

March 14, 2016

A blogger writes an interesting account of the controversial Trump event in Chicago …

The Dao of Clayton

I’ll admit that I’ve come a little late into actively following this current election. With college taking up most of my time, I have to plan out my time for other things. In fact, the main reason I attended this Donald Trump Rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago was due to the fact that I’m currently writing a paper on college student’s picks for president. However, that has all changed for me after this experience.

The rise of Donald Trump has been quite fascinating to watch. To see a guy so outspoken, so in tune into his own beliefs, and with such a mixed reputation (let’s face it, you either love or hate him) appear to have a pretty good shot at securing the Republican nomination for President of the United States is quite the spectacle. Whether it equates to a spectacle of historic proportions or a bad reality…

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