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Bernie Sanders and the next 2 weeks

March 7, 2016

This one is for the Democrats:

Tomorrow we have Michigan, where Clinton has a substantial lead as of now : +11% to +37% depending on which poll from the past week you look at. This gives us an idea of how fickle these numbers are. Interestingly, general election polling in Michigan, Sanders does +10% better than Clinton vs both Trump and Cruz.

And this is true nationwide. I want to repeat that, in national polls, Sanders is significantly more electable than Hillary. March 1st CNN poll, for example, had  Sanders 57/Cruz 40, but Clinton 48 / Cruz 49!

Given the Republican party leadership’s understandable resistance to letting Trump take over their brand image, it’s possible to see them combining Rubio and Cruz’s supporters, who together outnumber Trump’s thus far, so Cruz may well be the Republican nominee, although anything can happen! Basically, i’m saying:

Democrats, Don’t throw your vote away by voting for Hillary.

Finally, in the link below, Cenk Uygur argues that Sanders is actually in ok shape and set to make a strong finish. Although if you look at the recent Ohio and Florida polls, Clinton is ahead. Regardless, coming down the pipe is the “other” super-Tuesday, March 15th. That day will probably really decide the primary.




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