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Socialists and “the Bern”

March 1, 2016

I agree with much of this…


The success of Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in reaching millions of people with a left-wing message is prompting a lively debate among socialist organizations about questions that have been around for some time: Should socialists work inside the Democratic Party, with the hope of transforming it into a party that genuinely represents workers’ interests? Here, Brian Bean and Todd Chretien consider the different positions put forward by the Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Alternative and the International Socialist Organization.

Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail

BERNIE SANDERS and his campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination will face their biggest challenge yet on Super Tuesday when Hillary Clinton will attempt to use the full weight of the Democratic Party political machine to break his momentum once and for all.

Sanders faces an uphill battle, but whether or not he can beat expectations, millions of people, especially young people, have…

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