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QuickThought – How to Resolve Citizens United

February 11, 2016

Something just occurred to walking home from a convenience store, when I finally reached equilibrium with the proper February cold that’s back again, and started to enjoy the crisp winter air on my face… how to resolve the “problem of Citizens United”, aka, money-vs-speech in US national politics.

The solution is to do both! There are two houses of Congress.

In the house of Representatives, place strict limits on campaign contributions by individuals and completely forbid contributions by corporations or groups of any kind.

In the Senate, allow corporate contributions. In fact just sell a certain number of Senate seats to the highest bidder as a way to raise funds for the federal government. Any domestic person, group, or organization is elegible to buy a senate seat. Religious bodies, sports clubs, corporations, local governments. The House of Representatives votes each year as part of the budget process to decide how many Senate seats to sell. Have a futures market for Senate seats too.

Probably wouldn’t change much, but would bring the corruption out into the open so we can legalize it and regulate it, just like with Prohibition.

For President, keep it unchanged vs how it is now.

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