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UPDATED – Ahmad Chalabi’s passing, remembering his relationship with NeoCon’s [ various ]

November 4, 2015


The U. Michigan professor has some harsh words.

update 2015.11.07 02:00 GMT-5

For (much) more color on how Chalabi and the neo-conservatives in the GW Bush administration were able to start the disastrous war in Iraq, see this detailed 2004 article from Col. Patrick Lang  This Piece is Very Highly Recommended (although I don’t endorse 100% of the stuff on his website):

update 2015.11.07 16:15 GMT-5

on a closely related note, Juan Cole posts a video of GHW Bush, criticizing (some) NeoCon’s for fouling up GW Bush’s presidency

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  1. The Patrick Lang article was very good. Thanks.

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