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quickcomment: Clinton and Benghazi

October 24, 2015

So Hillary Clinton, as former Secretary of State, had her day in front of Congress. I didn’t watch at all. I gather she made fools of the Republicans grilling her, which is fine.

However there’s something that should be very specifically pointed out about the whole thing. The problem isn’t anything she allegedly did or failed to do that day. Nor is it the emails, which is a technicality (although one that maybe hints at something). That’s all incidental.

The reason Benghazi is such a glaring warning sign is because it shines a light on the fact that our “diplomacy” and “leadership” resulted first and foremost in the destruction of the Libyan government, replaced by chaos, extremism etc.

If, as is all too possible, she becomes president, I am expecting more of the same.

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