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2 more articles on Kissinger [ Greg Grandin, Richard Falk ]

September 29, 2015

I don’t know if I should keep dumping links on this topic — it feels a bit preachy to just go on and on.

But when the US finally moves past the embarrassment of the Neo-Conservatives’ 15 minutes of fame under Bush and Obama, we will not be out of the woods yet.

Before the mightily impressive incompetence of the Neo-Con’s, there was a semi-functional tradition of US foreign policy thought. It was semi-functional because the decisions it produced looked sensible in the short-term. But they were deeply destructive to our own interests over a time-scale of multiple decades, by creating a monstrous list of people and nations we’ve screwed over, and making a mockery of our rhetoric about human rights, democracy, peace, prosperity, stability, and rule of law. Even from a strictly amoral point of view, to make enemies needlessly is foolish. And sure enough, most of today’s crises and enemies which the US faces can be traced back to the products of the myopic values that were exemplified by Kissinger.

First, here is an article by Greg Grandin [TomDispatch]. Earlier, I posted an interview with him [Democracy Now on youtube].

Second, a recently posted 2014 essay by Richard Falk, who I am very happy to have discovered in the process of searching for material for this blog.

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