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Crane Brinton on Revolution [ Lambert Strether / Naked Capitalism]

September 8, 2015

Lambert Strether of Naked Capitalism writes a sort-of book review / summary of Anatomy of Revolution.

That I do NOT want actually live in a place undergoing a revolution should be pretty obvious, for example from the current news about the wave of regime-change refugees coming to Europe.

Nevertheless, I like to expand my knowledge of the circumstances[1] that surround the more dynamic moments in the evolution of social order — if only to better learn to steer around these most dangerous energy-intense spots in the landscape (or sea?) of political change[2].

With that in mind:



[1] So less the revolution itself, and more the context and history, materially, and also mentally. To take different ideas and ways of thinking, try them on for size. Some to keep, some to throw away: the theme of this blog! 🙂

[2] Because the need for political change is equally obvious. As the article in the link says, the ancien regime right here is getting dysfunctional in some ways. To accept being locked into that is one side of the dilemma. And yet you don’t just want to kick the whole thing over — God forbid there should be a benevolent intervention here in the US — that’s the other side. So someone has to learn to weave their way inbetween the two traps…

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