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US doesn’t want Russia to fight ISIS / Al-Nusra [ Reuters ]

September 7, 2015

US asking Greece to prevent Russia from resupplying Syria in what is already a 3-way or 4-way war.

Most recently, Russia has begun to help Syria per it’s defense treaty obligations to that sovereign state. Syria, is being attacked by ISIS and Al-Nusra (local Al-Qaeda affiliate). (the Kurds and Turks are mixed in this as well, but they are a sideshow. The Iraqi’s and Iranians are in it as well.)

US State Dept. says Nyet! We do not want Russians to attack the terrorists! They’re freedom fighters! Not terrorists! Let them fight fairly without interference! We care more about regime change in Syria!

Once again, for the fifth or sixth time in as many years, the good folks at the State Dept. are overtly acting in favor of the most extreme, most hateful, most violent group in a given geographic region. There’s just no easy explanation for this. The pattern of supporting the most extremist groups in a given geographic area has become systematic.

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