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meditations on Trump

August 11, 2015

To start with, here’s an August 7th article by Andrew Levine for Counterpunch. Of all the punditry I’ve seen on the Trump phenomenon, this is the closest to what I think. link:

[via Phil Ebersole]

It leaves out one of the obvious endgames — that Trump is simply paid off, in exchange for “getting lost” and endorsing another Republican. Why not, right?

His price will be steep, and will not consist just of money, or tax breaks, or fat government contracts for him to build VA hospitals or something ridiculous like that. He’s going to invest into one of his most valuable assets — his personal brand. They’re going to have to give him a position. So he won’t be going away completely, but as they say, you can’t get everything that you want.

But i’m sure he can be bought. So obviously, he does not hesitate to point out that if he runs as an independent, he can put the Republican party in a bad place. He does not hesitate to undress the Republicans. He does not hesitate to make a mockery of the system. It’s just an old fashioned shakedown. And Trump’s got some brass balls if he thinks he will pull this off against the people he’s up against. But that he has, we know. As Levine points out, he’s been ridiculed and scandalized by the NYC media for like 3 decades, and he’s doing just fine.

Oh and did I mention that someone is going to have to pay off Murdoch as well? It’s going to be an expensive election.

And then there’s are 3 other endgames, for a total of 4:

  1. as described above, Trump and Murdoch both get paid off. Expensive, but may be necessary.
  2. Murdoch gets paid off but not Trump. Murdoch can get rid of Trump easily. Problem being, Murdoch probably costs more than Trump, so see #3.
  3. Trump gets paid off but not Murdoch. For Trump to get rid of Murdoch might be hard. And anyway Murdoch is doing such a good job, why ruin a good thing?
  4. Neither gets paid off…. The mind spins at the possibilities…

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