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quickreaction: last night’s Republican debate

August 7, 2015

That was all right, I guess. I watched about half of it at a sports bar before leaving. I think most of the people there got bored after about half an hour, and their attention wandered from the debate to each other and the baseball game that was also on.

Substance wise, as expected. Lips moving, familiar words coming out. No real surprises at this stage, since it is about one-upping each other on conservative bona-fides, for primary voters.

For me it was about the body language how the candidates related to each other and the moderators, really.

I thought Trump held up, being the most animated character with his wide hand gestures and expressive face. He’s had his stage persona for so long it was probably easy for him. He was the most comfortable in his own skin, the most entertaining. If he meets a really forceful personality who can hold him down and force him to go into detail on issues he might be in trouble, but that wasn’t happening at all. Looked like he wasn’t scared of anyone, on that stage at least. So much that he wasn’t even trying hard, just making some jokes, which by his standards were pretty gentle. As in he held back a bit. It’s just that, as I said before, I think he’ll make a disastrous president.


Overall winner: Trump

The “Most Slimy” award: tie between Walker and Cruz

The “What am I doing in this awful place?” award: Jeb Bush

The “Best sense of humor” award: Trump

The “Best rags to riches story” award: Marco Rubio

The “I am the only woman” award: moderator Megyn Kelly

The “Easiest money i’ve ever made, standing on stage doing nothing” award: Ben Carson

The “Bring it Donald, because i’m going to physically kick your ass” award: Chris Christie

Overall loser: Rand Paul


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