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quick-jumbled-thought: Trump and white supremacists

July 27, 2015

An unfortunate aspect of the Trump phenomenon is that now the white supremacists are coming out of the woodwork and into the open. It would really be better if they went back where they came from, but that’s the wrong attitude. The weird thing is they’re people too, totally normal 99% of the time. Just with a little something very deeply poisoned in there, and when it comes out, it’s capable of some awful shit.

At some point, about 15 years ago maybe, I told myself, it is better to face reality about these things. This is not shaping up to be a pretty election season. Not the first nor last time, i’m sure. The “American Psyche”, if we pretend for just a moment that there is such a thing — there isn’t but it’s a useful concept — we’re evolving into something better but we’re a long way from being there. Hopefully whatever transformation is taking place isn’t in so fragile a state that the political “process” can screw it up. For example, by refocusing regional, political, and economic/class tensions into racial ones. The bad cop in the Republican/Democrat good-cop/bad-cop team is playing with fire, methinks. Very un-smooth. Surely the powers that be are not that desperate.

In any case, out in the open with it, whatever it is. We’ll see what happens.


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