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Woof! Woof! NY Times rolls over for Clinton [politico]

July 26, 2015

This is about Hillary Clinton’s alleged use of private email (i.e., not secure as far as official USG policy is concerned), for classified materials, while she was Secretary of State. Since she’ll never be officially accused of selling out to the highest private sector bidder, nor of extreme war-mongering, this is probably the best anyone can do.

Democrats should welcome this because Clinton could never win a general election — the devil himself could run against her and Repub’s would come out in droves just to see her lose.

Republicans should welcome this, because they don’t like her.

Progressives too, because she, like most of the Democrat party, Clinton is a phony sell-out.

But not the New York Times. When Clinton says sit, the NYT sits. Clinton says roll over, NYT changes the headline and text of its story to soften it up and make it seem like maybe she wasn’t the person who used her email account…


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