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To the lusers bemoaning the attention Trump is getting

July 25, 2015

To the losers bemoaning the attention Trump is getting,

The candidates and the TV networks have a job to do. The candidates are in a primary. As such, Trump “gets” his party better than his competition. There is no malfunction in the polling data.

And it runs deeper than that.

The TV networks are required to deliver eyeballs to their advertisers. They are not in the business of entertaining you, that’s just how they go about delivering your eyeballs to wherever they get delivered to.

Good TV requires both winners and losers. And actually, if we learn anything from the reality shows of the last 15 years, it’s that losers are more entertaining than winners. Just not the boring losers.

As such, Trump is a dream come true. He will get continue to get TV coverage long after his polls go down. He is the dream “guest” in any political debate.

If you want attention, you don’t necessarily have to act like a racist idiot, as Trump is doing. But you do have to have some quality that attracts attention, like looks, or clownishness, or something novel about you that makes you stand out.

PS: are your feelings hurt by being a loser at election time, year after year? Take a look at instant run-off voting! It’s a voting system where you don’t just put in your first choice, but also a second and third choice, in case your first choice is unelectable. If only the US electoral system had this feature, you could have your cake and eat it too. For real, I mean it. Other countries are doing it, so you know it’s safe. Just try it once, you’ll like it. For one thing, it is a way to keep from getting stuck with the shitty two party duopoly like what we have. Take a look:

I urge all people dissatisfied with the electoral choices we get in the US to read the above article in full.


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