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New TISA leak: Secret trade deal threatens privacy rights

December 23, 2014

While I think nationalism is one of the greatest evils, and eventually a world government with universal laws may be useful, negotiating treaties and laws in secret, as is done below, is 100% wrong and is the most basic violation of rule of law itself.

Besides being obviously unconstitutional, and any government officials involved in this are basically committing treason.

Stop Making Sense

Santiago Carrion reports for ROAR Magazine:

‘On Wednesday, the Associated Whistleblowing Press published a new leak revealing US attempts to undermine privacy rights, net neutrality and internet freedoms through top-secret negotiations over the little-known Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). Even a quick glance at the leaked document is already extremely revealing. At the top of its front page, in capital letters, the word CONFIDENTIAL is highlighted — and further down the full extent of the treaty’s secret nature is revealed: “Declassify on five years from entry into force of the TISA agreement.”

A full reading and understanding of the text, however, not only explains these harsh terms, but makes them necessary. Because what government would tell its citizens, explicitly, that they are opening the door for mega-corporations to take control of their public services? What company would clearly inform its customers that their private data will be handed over to foreign…

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