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CBS and the true nature of modern journalism [zerohedge]


musical interlude XLIX

‘We are ISIS! … Our brains are upside down!’


whoooa, Daashi music video!

Originally posted on Phil Ebersole's Blog:

Via Frankly Curious.

Humor in the face of danger.

This music video from Iraqi Kurdistan reminds me of how British and Americans in World War Two always regarded Hitler as ridiculous rather than fearsome—the equivalent of the Charlie Chaplin character in “The Great Dictator.”

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Democracy & Capitalism — interview series with Sheldon Wolin [The Real News] [updated4]

Video interview series on Democracy and Capitalism. 4 or 8 parts released as of now. I didn’t know about Sheldon Wolin before, interesting to hear him speak — he presents a new angle on the subject for me.

(Fyi, this all is somewhat critical of capitalism, taking the point of view that the natural tendency is for economic power to concentrate to the point where it takes over everything, that such concentration of power is harmful, and that it is appropriate to come up with a way to prevent or counteract it.)

[ original source: The Real News. via Naked Capitalism ]

Here are the first 3 segments (20-25 mins each):

21 US Cities Restrict Sharing Food With Homeless People | PopularResistance.Org


shameful indeed…

Originally posted on In Saner Thought:

I wish I had a good intro to this press….but the best thing I can think of…….it is a disgusting idea…..that any American would consider this a good idea and if they do………. how can they sleep at night.

At what point does this fly into the face of what this country stands for?……..has compassion been replaced with selfish indulgence?

A shameful story…….

21 US Cities Restrict Sharing Food With Homeless People | PopularResistance.Org.

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The truth emerges about Afghanistan, an indictment of our war. Now comes the hard part: learning from failure.

Originally posted on Fabius Maximus:

Summary: Today’s must read is a retrospective on our expedition to Afghanistan, now that the cloud of lies slowly dissipates. Since Vietnam we’ve masked our failures by myths, short-circuiting our ability to learn. A hegemonic power can substitute power for smarts. The coming multi-polar world will prove more challenging, so that weaknesses become terminal flaws.

Afghanistan war


Opening from “Afghanistan: ‘A Shocking Indictment’
by Rory Stewart
New York Review of Books, 6 November 2014


Review of No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War Through Afghan Eyes
by Anand Gopal


Ashraf Ghani, who has just become the president of Afghanistan, once drafted a document for Hamid Karzai that began:

There is a consensus in Afghan society: violence…must end. National reconciliation and respect for fundamental human rights will form the path to lasting peace and stability across the country. The people’s aspirations must…

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mcdonalds new ad campaign ??

ok youtube popped this up for me. I must say …. fascinating. Doesn’t really make me want to eat it but kinda cool to see where it comes from.


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