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Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy Change [The American Conservative]

The author makes some tough criticisms of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, and how it took the things George W. Bush did wrong in the middle east, and despite the rhetoric, continued to do the same things, sometimes even worse.



Meanwhile in Afghanistan . . . elections with results kept secret?

The practicality of nonviolent civil resistance


Very interesting stuff. Although I have a hard time understanding how the process of change in Serbia was non-violent.

Originally posted on Phil Ebersole's Blog:

Erica Chenoweth in this TED talk says that in the past 50 or so years, nonviolent civil resistance (or, as I prefer to call it, mass defiance) has a better track record of success than violent struggle for overthrowing oppressive governments and resisting conquest.

I am not a pacifist, but in recent years I have gotten out of the mindset that says that war is the baseline answer to oppression and aggression, and it is only the alternatives to war that must justify themselves.

The aim of your oppressor is to compel you to obey him.  The oppressor is defeated when he comes to realize that your obedience cannot be compelled.  The effective way to do that is to join with others in mass defiance.  To me, violence or the lack of violence are not the most important things.  The most important thing is a population that shows it cannot…

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US vs IS: House of Representatives set to approve “plan”. Meanwhile, FSA gets cold feet.

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